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Samples: Learn from cases (Level 1)

1. Shortened sample version of Patient Case - Albert (74 y/o)"

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2. Video tutorial by Dr. Christina Giavasi introducing the "Patient Case - Helena (16 y/o)"

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3. Shortened sample version of ebrain session "Identifying epilepsy through patient videos"

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Videos in the original session are not available in this sample version. 

4. Tutorial by Prof. Ingmar Blumcke introducing the e-learning course "Histopathology in a nutshell". 

Comment from a participant: "I always skip histopathology sections in studying epileptology. By this course I found that is very useful to know histopathology in epilepsy surgery and underlying pathology in epileptogenesis of different pathology.  I really appreciate Prof. Blumcke for his very excellent and simplified tutorial in 9 sections. His presentation by using multimedia enhanced and deepened my knowledge about epileptology. Again I say thanks a lot to Prof. Blumcke." Mohammad Barzegar, Professor of child neurology, Tabriz Children Hospital affiliated by Tabriz University of Medical Science, Tabriz, Iran 

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Samples: Learn from cases (Level 2)

1. Video tutorial by Dr. Nathália Stela Visoná de Figueiredo introducing the new concept of courses with patient cases of the Level 2 

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2. Video tutorial by Dr. Stefan Rampp (ILAE Neuroimaging Task Force) introducing the e-learning course "Epilepsy Imaging". 

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